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desensitize + remineralize gel includes:

  • (1) 3cc Tube of Remineralizing Gel: to replenish enamel and deter sensitivity issues.
  • Complete Instructions.
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Desensitize + Remineralize Gel
(Deters Tooth Sensitivity Issues)

  • A calcium/phosphate fluoride shown to be effective in the enamel remineralization process.
  • Contains all the elements needed for the remineralization process in decalcified teeth.

Advantages :

  • Allows the enamel to actively remineralize itself in the presence of fluorides, calcium and phosphate.
  • Strengthens tooth enamel.
  • Proven to remineralize small invisible lesions.
  • Revitalize enamel after the Teeth Bleaching process.
  • Easy to apply. Place in your mouth trays for 5 minutes for best results.
  • Can be applied before bed to provide thorough night time reminerilization.
  • Contains small amounts of sodium fluoride.
  • The fluoride binds other minerals to the enamel.

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