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Anchorage has witnessed some of the latest cosmetic dentistry treatments in the past few years.  You can get first class treatment in this city under the supervision and guidance of experienced dentists and excellent treatment options. If you are looking for dental offices where you can get a smile that would enhance your look and give a boost to your confidence, if you want to be treated as one of the most important patients, if you actually want state-of-the-art technologies in cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments, Dr. Richard Crosby and his team of experts is the ideal solution for you. 

Dr. Richard Crosby offers excellent restorative as well as cosmetic dentistry services in Anchorage including the most widely used treatment – the Lincoln teeth whitening treatment. As patients it can be assured that you would be getting undivided attention, as Dr. Crosby believes in taking care of every individual. He gives personal attention to his patients to make them feel comfortable and easy. 

Dr. Crosby is a Northwestern Dental School graduate. Apart from graduation, he has also earned several other degrees and has done cosmetic dentistry courses from the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies as well. Through this specialized training he has gained excellent skills and expertise in the field of restorative as well as cosmetic dentistry. He specializes in teeth whitening procedures, which is the most popular treatment done here in Anchorage. 

Dr. Crosby introduces the “one hour one visit one smile” teeth whitening procedure in Anchorage, which is believed to the fastest and the safest teeth whitening options to be offered by any cosmetic dentist. It is one of the simplest procedures that do not involve any hassle or pain. Years of stains and yellowness can be removes in just one hour. 

Staining of teeth is caused from virtually the things that we eat and drink. Even certain things that we inhale can be contributing factors such as nicotine and tobacco. But all these stains can be magically removed with the help of teeth whitening treatments in just one hour. Dr. Crosby uses the most remarkable BriteSmile teeth whitening treatment, which is a new improved method of professional teeth whitening and can give you brighter and whiter teeth in approximately 60 minutes. That’s not all; you can get 9 shaded whiter teeth than ever before, something that you could have never possibly dreamt of. 

The science behind this method of teeth whitening is the key to the success of Dr. Crosby. The “bleu light” technology of the BriteSmile treatment in combination with proprietary innovative wave length specify bleaching gel has proved to be one of the revolutionary methods of teeth whitening that can quickly remove all the stains. This is one of the most effective treatments till date and is really safe. With no pain involved, the treatment is very relaxing and the results are impressive as well. 

For all your dental problems and for any solution, you can contact Dr. Crosby in his Anchorage dental office.

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