Where to Go For Teeth Whitening in Corpus Christi
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  Your teeth will be bleached between 3 - 6 shades whiter 10 days or less or money back! Its our promise!
  36% Plasma Laser Bluelight Teeth
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Light system specifically designed and manufactured for teeth whitening...
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"My teeth before
where a mess! After just 7 days my teeth where 6 shades
- Jessica Vanhanson
"I have used every teeth whitening system
available and I have finally found one that works..."
- Jeff Sornson
Your Teeth will be between 3 to 8 shades whiter within 10 days or less or money back....
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Where to Go For Teeth Whitening in Corpus Christi 

If you live in Corpus Christi, you may be wondering whom to turn to for Plano teeth whitening. How about turning to Morgan Street Dental Center and Dr. Randal Boswell? Dr. Boswell has over 21 years of experience with cosmetic dentistry, creating beautiful smiles and putting nervous patients at ease. Even people who don’t like dentists enjoy being at this office. Many people enjoy beautiful white smiles as a result of Dr. Boswell’s handiwork. We all know how much first appearances matter, and a discolored or yellow smile can damage those impressions quickly.

So why choose Morgan Street Dental Center in Corpus Christi for teeth whitening? The answer is very simple. Experience is the key as well as satisfied patients. So what procedure does Dr. Boswell use? He uses the ZOOM! Teeth whitening procedure. This procedure takes about an hour and entails using a bleaching solution to the teeth while exposing the gel to brilliant light. This can whiten teeth up to 8 times whiter than before. This can and often does make a dramatic difference in the color of your smile. A white brilliant smile opens doors and makes things happen.

Dr. Boswell has over 21 years of experience with cosmetic dentistry and there is none better in Corpus Christi for teeth whitening procedures. SO why would you trust your mouth and smile to anyone else? With a full staff that is professional fully qualified and friendly, you are bound to have a good experience when dealing with Dr. Boswell. Even scaredy-cats have a good experience, no matter what the dentistry needs are that they are dealing with. For experience in beautiful smiles, turn to Dr. Boswell and his staff for the most beautiful smile that you have ever had.

Why walk around Corpus Christi with a yellow or discolored smile, when teeth whitening options are available for you at Morgan Street Dental Center? People from all over Corpus are getting in touch with Dr. Boswell for a beautiful smile that is second to none. With the Zoom! Whitening procedure in Dr. Boswell’s capable hands, your smile is about to get brilliantly white in just one treatment. Then watch the looks when you flash your new fabulous smile at them! Doors will open and opportunities will develop. Al thanks to a cost effective treatment that makes your smile stand out!

If you want to make an appointment in Corpus Christi, then contact Dr. Boswell by dialing 361-884-6106 or go to his office located at 2415 Morgan in Corpus. The hours of operation are Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri from 9 am- 5 pm. Wed from 9 am – 12 pm. There are maps and directions located on site to help you get to the office more easily.  So if you want a beautiful white smile, what are you waiting for? Contact the office for an appointment and get ready to see your smile go from yellow to HELLO! Within one treatment or so from the capable hands of Dr. Boswell.

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