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Teeth Whitening in Riverside, California  

If you live in Riverside and want to find teeth whitening, Dr. Kurt Greenway of Greenway Dental Excellence is the dentist for you. This office is a state of the art office and offers Zoom Teeth Whitening as well as the Brite Smile system. One of the procedures involves you wearing a specially crafted tray for a couple of hours to achieve a big difference in your smile. There are many different ways to whiten your teeth, and be aware that the difference in brightness of the smile will depend upon the changes in diet as well as the patient following instructions.

Dr. Greenway is a graduate of University of the Pacific School of Dentistry and has continuing education for the Invisalign system as well as cosmetic dentistry. So in Riverside, you really can’t ask for better when it comes to teeth whitening. They offer appointments that are at a time convenient to you as well as being able to make an appointment online by filling out a form to do just that. With whitening of the teeth being classified as a cosmetic dentistry, there is quite the demand for this type of procedure.

So what is the Zoom! Teeth whitening procedure? This procedure entails a whitening agent placed on the teeth and activated by light. This procedure can take around an hour or so. This can brighten teeth up to six times brighter. This can really make a difference in the smile. A white smile turns heads and open doors. In Riverside, Greenway Dental Excellence is the place to go to get this particular treatment. Dr. Greenway is very skilled in this procedure and has many satisfied clients as a result of Corpus Christi teeth whitening that his office does as a part of their cosmetic dentistry procedures.

There are many people in Riverside walking around with bright, white smiles thanks to Dr. Greenway. Teeth whitening are not an invasive procedure and depending upon treatment may take several times in his office before the results can be seen. This is also dependent upon the procedure used to whiten teeth. Avoidance of staining beverages, food and tobacco are also recommended to keep your pearly whites brilliant white. Remember also that good dental hygiene is required also to keep your teeth healthy and white. All of this together will take care of your new brilliant white smile. 

So if you live in Riverside, and want to make an appointment for teeth whitening with Greenway Dental Excellence, you will need to have the following information. The office address is 3679 Arlington Avenue and the telephone number is 951 – 786-0600. On their site, they have forms available to you so that you can make an appointment online for any of their offices, not only the Riverside office. They will work with you as far as insurance filing is concerned. So you have two ways to make an appointment, online or by phone. So if you want a bright white smile, contact them for an appointment so that your smile will glow pearly white.

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