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Teeth Whitening in Newark, New Jersey 

If you live in Newark and want to find someone reputable to do a teeth whitening on you, why not check out Aesthetic Dentistry of Bernardsville! This office is fully equipped for aesthetic dentistry such as teeth whitening. We all know how a smile can open or close doors. But did you know that aging and food stains can discolor your teeth? There is a simple way to take care of this problem and that is by whitening of the teeth by use of either bleach or other tooth whitening procedures.

Newark residents can get teeth whitening from the Aesthetic Dentistry of Bernardsville. Many happy clients have blinding white smiles that turn heads and raise their self confidence.  By avoiding stainers such as fluoride consumption, red wine, tobacco and coffee, you can keep your new white smile white. Dr. Lamb and her capable staff use the Zoom2 whitening system for getting your teeth their whitest. This is a fast procedure that is non invasive and uses a hydrogen peroxide solution activated by a blue spectrum light. Usually this takes only one treatment and brightens your smile by about 8 shades on average. This difference is noticeable.

Dr. Lamb graduated from Villanova University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. She also earned her doctorate in Medical Dentistry at Temple University. She has been practicing in Bernardsville since 1995. Newark residents come to her for all their teeth whitening issues and in her capable hands, beautiful smiles are created. She has also studied at LVIAD in Las Vegas. She is a member of the American Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry as well as Lance Armstrong Research Foundation among others. She is one of the best when it comes to aesthetic dentistry and tooth whitening.

Why go anywhere else for teeth whitening in Newark? You have a wonderful dentist’s office here in Bernardsville that services all of the Newark area. For a white smile that really boosts your confidence and turns heads, there is not a better place to go for a Stockton teeth whitening procedure that is both cost effective and makes quite a difference in how you feel and look. While there are many different dentists in the area to take care of this, the Aesthetic Dentistry of Bernardsville is the only place to go when you want your teeth done and done now as well as done right!

So if you want to get teeth whitening in Newark, you need to make an appointment with Dr. Lamb. You can contact her at Aesthetic Dentistry of Bernardsville by phoning 1-800-672-8518 and their office is located at 10 Anderson Hill Road in Bernardsville. They also have a contact form on their site that allows you to contact them with as far as appointments, office hours and every other type of question that you may have about any type of dental procedure, no matter what. So what are you waiting for? Contact them today about your tooth whitening procedure and see what a white smile can do!

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