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35% teeth whitening gel

35% Tooth Bleaching Gel includes:

  • (3) 10cc syringe - enough gel for 30 treatments.
    • Same professional tooth bleaching gel used by a Cosmetic Dentist in-office.
    • Visible results after a single treatment.
    • Can be used with any teeth whitening trays.
    • Dentist recommended & approved.
  • At-Home instructions included.

35% Dental Teeth Whitening Gel

Our 35% carbamide peroxide formula is one of our strongest gel available to the public. With one of the highest concentration of carbamide peroxide, our 35% gel will whiten your teeth in a single treatment with full results after 3 days. Due to the high concentration of carbamide peroxide, it is not recommended for those with tooth sensitivity or bad overall oral health. If you are looking for a popular strength among Cosmetic Dentists, then our 35% teeth whitening gel is the premier choice.

  • Advanced & one of the Strongest Teeth Whitening Gel Available.

  • Visible results in a single treatment!

  • Used by Dentists world-wide.

  • Exact same gel professional cosmetic Dentists use in-office.

  • Can be used with any teeth whitening trays.

  • Guaranteed fresh in sealed package.

  • 10cc syringe (30 treatments).

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Dramatic Smiles 35% Strength Teeth Whitening Gel

Over the years, we have seen too many teeth whitening products flooding the market and taking the nation by a storm. Whilst some of these products have worked, most have failed to produce the best and desired result that people have been looking for. However, Dramatic Smiles 35% Strength Teeth Whitening Gel is one product that has always excelled and produced lustrous teeth color within a few days.

Dramatic Smiles is one of the most popular teeth whitening brands in the United States that comes with innovative teeth whitening solution. Using the most advanced formulae of teeth whitening gel and the professional techniques, the products by Dramatic Smiles has exceeded every user's desire to have bright, white teeth. Gradually, Dramatic Smiles has finally succeeded in developing new range of teeth whitening gels in different strengths to give excellent result.

Dramatic Smiles 35% Strength Teeth Whitening Gel
The 35% teeth whitening strength by Dramatic Smiles has been proven to work really well for people with mild to moderate whitening requirements. The active ingredient, which is carbamide peroxide, contained in all the teeth whitening gels by Dramatic Smiles helps in bringing out the best in people.

Although the use of carbamide peroxide is not something new for teeth whitening, it is Dramatic Smiles that has actually made the process of teeth whitening at home much simpler than it was in the earlier times. At home teeth whitening have always been considered to be a difficult procedure that can involve a lot of hassles; however, Dramatic Smiles teeth whitening gels are so effective that you just need to use it for some time and the changes in the color of your teeth will flash within minutes.

What does Dramatic Smiles 35% Strength Teeth Whitening Gel Contain?
The Dramatic Smiles 35% Strength Teeth Whitening Gel package comes with:
(3) 10 cc syringe that can be used for 30 treatments
Professional 35% teeth whitening gel that is now commonly used by some of the leading cosmetic dentists in their office
Easy-to-follow instructions for teeth whitening

Dramatic Smiles 35% Strength Teeth Whitening Gel Assures:

Dramatic Smiles has certainly made teeth whitening much easier for people, which often seemed to be a distant dream. Also, teeth whitening treatments have been very expensive in the recent past that has now been made more affordable without any changes in the result. Users would get the same result, at a much affordable rate and to be performed in the comfort and convenience of their home.
With the Dramatic Smiles 35% Strength Teeth Whitening Gel, people can now smile more often within just 3 days of use

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Results are Guaranteed!
Your Teeth Will Be Bleached Between 6-10 Shades Whiter or Your Money Back! It's Our Promise!

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